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Should I sell my bitcoin?

Right now, many people are asking the question, “should I sell my bitcoin?”

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Whether you should sell your bitcoin is a choice that only you can make.

However, given the recent market volatility, you might want to seriously consider it. For many portfolios, holding onto the token is just too risky.

Right now, many investors are regretting purchasing bitcoin, particularly those who bought at the top of the market. Many believed that BTC was a good investment because of its potential to bypass fiat currency and inflation. But the economics are working out differently. Even as inflation is rising, bitcoin is actually falling in value. And no one is quite sure when the crash will end.

In many ways, cash is freedom. Once you liquidate your BTC holdings, you can then plow them into other potentially more lucrative investment assets.

The alternative is to “hold on for dear life” and experience all the worry that goes with it. Nobody has a crystal ball, so nobody knows where the price of bitcoin is heading from here. It could go up, but there are many reasons to think that it could go down as well. Selling might be the prudent course of action, at least right now.

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